Everything About Translation Services

Russisch-Deutsch ÜbersetzungenYou receive both services – translation and interpretingfrom a single source. I am solely responsible for a smooth handling of your order.

Translation: Russian – German – Russian

I am glad to translate your texts, documents and websites from Russian into German and vice versa. You texts can be either general-purpose or special-purpose texts, such as:

  • Business plans, reports, annual balance of accounts, balances and P&L statements
  • Contracts, customs documents and other legal documents
  • Declarations and offers, as well as general correspondence
  • Brochures, catalogues, handouts for exhibitions / conferences / delegations
  • Texts for marketing, advertising and PR
  • websites and many others

It goes without saying that I will consult your wishes regarding formatting, layout and conversion into other formats. In addition to the above mentioned, I revise texts which were written or translated by yourself and give them the finishing touch at your request.


Dolmetschen vor OrtBeing a Master of Business Administration, I would be glad to accompany you in the business meetings, negotiations and exhibition attendances at home and abroad. Are you planning a several day long business trip to Russia or another Russian-speaking country? You can rely on my knowledge of the country-specific aspects. I look forward to supporting you during your trip both as an interpreter and as a consultant.


One thing should be made clear at the outset: Upon your request you will receive a transparent and fair offer. In order to spare you unpleasant surprises after completion of your order, I work at guaranteed firm prices.

For written translations, the price considerably depends on the volume and the level of difficulty of the text. In order to be able to provide a guaranteed offer, I kindly ask you to send me the text before calculation, if possible, in Word-format.

After than you will receive my offer including the firm price.

As for the interpreting services, the prices are usually calculated on a daily basis. Of course, it is also possible to agree upon payment of services on an hourly basis in case you do not need my support during the whole day. The same applies here: Please describe your requirements, and I will provide you with a firm price.

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Artur Hempel, M.A.