I made my passion my profession

Artur-HempelI enjoy working with languages. I am most comfortable with German and Russian because these are my mother languages. Thus, the necessary requirements for being a successful translator and interpreter are met. I hope that I will have a chance to convince you of it.

Business economist, Translator and Interpreter

I have completed my studies in the Business Administration and Slavic Philology (Russian Language, Culture, Law and History) at the renowned Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz as a Master. During my study it was already clear for me that I will go into business as a translator and interpreter for myself basing on my affinity for East Europe and economics.

However, I didn’t want to venture on it without any working experience – I believed that it is not possible to become a good translator and interpreter in the economic field without having experienced “the economy” as an employee. That’s why I have been collecting experience in the finance and consulting branch, in industry as well as in public service during my studies and thereafter. Most recently I was permanently appointed in a German project organization company specialized in industrial investment projects in Russia and other CIS countries.

Today I work as a freelance translator and interpreter in Hofheim am Taunus. That is not to say that my customers must necessarily come from the close neighborhood. It does not matter whether you are based in Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin or Hamburg – in each and every case you can expect to receive the highest quality delivered by me at fair prices.

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Artur Hempel, M.A.